Autobahn DMS - A modern
workstation for digital dealers

We provide real-time data throughout the vehicle lifecycle and enable online and direct sales. Autobahn optimizes how dealers are connected with importers and interact with car buyers by automating unnecessary repetitive tasks so that the focus can shift from paperwork to results.

  • Built for digital dealers to boost online and direct sales
  • Designed for the car industry and multi-branded dealers

A real-time vehicles sales platform (VSP) for single- and multi-brand dealers to give a complete overview of sales & business operations in real-time with the most detailed and accurate data available

Real-time communication and vehicle data transparency with regional importer
Always up-to-date vehicle statuses from ordering to vehicle handover (incl transportation statuses)
Quick and direct vehicle price negotiation process with regional importer
Display available stock vehicles on dealer websites
Online and direct sales tools to engage the vehicle buyer into the buying process

Creating offers, managing and ordering vehicles through Autobahn saves your dealership valuable time, IT cost and enables online and direct sales functionalities with strong web presence.

Customer feedback

Janis Ozols, SIA Forum Auto

As a multi-brand sales manager I have a real-time overview of all the sales progress within our dealership. Autobahn’s super easy tools enables us to integrate our available stock to our websites and helps us start to sell cars online.