State of the art sales platform for the
automotive industry.

Our teams focus is on the automotive distribution channels – help importers and dealers work closely in a digital and more connected environment. We are a team of car enthusiasts, automotive experts and tech specialists building the next generation car sales platform. Our primary focus is to increase vehicle sales, drive business connectivity and enable data transparency.

We believe that one platform could optimize the daily processes and have a great impact on automotive companies. We are one of the first movers within the “Industry 4.0” to help automakers gain full-control of the distribution networks, enable online and direct sales and engage the end-customer into the vehicle buying experience.

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Do you like cars? Have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtains when buying a new vehicle? Do you want to take part of disrupting one of the largest industries in the world?

Autobahn is now looking for great new talent to join our in-house team.

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