Autobahn is the online platform for selling, ordering and delivering. The goal is to enable a powerful vehicle management tool for all distribution channels.
Autobahn is on a mission to digitalize the auto industry by bringing manufacturers, importers, dealers and end customers closer together.


Founded in 2012, Autobahn is a privately owned company with offices in Berlin, Wolfsburg, Seoul and Tallinn.

Our goal is to be the leading platform provider connecting manufacturers, importers and dealers with the vehicle buyer.

We discovered that to build a winning, profitable brand ecosystem, manufacturer, importers and dealers must develop a strong roadmap and work closely to understand its needs. To enter the digital transformation era without a strong plan will lead to failure, decrease in market share and though loss to competition.

Our platform enables automotive stakeholders access to the vehicle distribution channels and improves the vehicle order, sales and delivery pipeline.
Autobahn is an extremely easy-to-use platform built specifically for automotive industry, which is highly scalable and drastically reduces overhead on daily activities.
We are excited to enter into more partnerships, so we could provide all our enterprise customers a seamless vehicle selling, ordering, delivering and after sales experience.

Autobahn platform benefits

  • Compatible for all automotive brands
  • Designed to be brand independent
  • All companies and users work with the same set of data
  • Full vehicle lifecycle tracking and overview
  • All performance and sales reports in real-time
  • Paperwork is history – everything is created and stored online
Our partners:


Ivo Malm

CEO & Co-founder

Martin Piirmaa

COO & Co-founder

Raiko Ausmees

Head of Sales & Integrations

Martti Kullang

Product Owner

Stanislav Gorski

Team Lead & CTO

Aleksandr Filonenko

Software Developer

Igor Murujev

Senior Software Engineer

Vladimir Glushakov

Automated Testing & Developer

Madis Spigel

Database Expert

Andres Aul

Software Developer

Leonid Dikušin

Senior Software Engineer

Toni Piirmaa

Co-Founder & Advisor

Mihkel Karu

Co-Founder & Advisor

Hando Riisikamp

Detlef Banik

Senior Advisor

Janko Milonosevic


Dr. Engelbert Wimmer

Partner & Senior Advisor

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